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Lumber Jill Firewood

"I season my steak, I kiln dry my firewood."

Our products cost a more because they are the right size, the wood is really dry and are ethically harvested. We do not bring insects to your home. Using kiln dried wood is a great value because you only need clean your chimney every 5 years. 

(Prices do not include tax)

Kiln Dried Cord Price $600.00

Kiln Dried 1/2 Cord Price  $350.00

Kiln Dried 1/3 Cord $250.00

Kiln Dried 1/3 Cord  of  "Short Pieces" variable lengths from 2" to 15"

We at Lumber Jill Firewood hold our customers in the highest regard.  Families rely on us as their supplier for heat.  We are no longer able to stack your firewood so that we may reach as many families as possible. All loads of firewood will be tossed from our pickups or dumped from the dumptruck.
Seasoned Wood Prices

​Seasoned Cord $300.00

Seasoned 1/3 Cord $100.00 -

​We don't make any guarantees on moisture content for seasoned wood. 
​Truthfully, I don't really even like to offer it but customers continue to ask me to so here goes. My plan is sell what I split all summer that is air dried until it is gone. Then I will run wood through the kiln for a shorter amout of time to reduce moisture content. 

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