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The Facts about Kiln Dried Firewood

Fact:  Kiln dried wood prevents creosote buildup in your chimney which prevents chimney fires. 

Fact:  Kiln dried wood is a better value than seasoned wood.  The up front cost of kiln dried wood is more than seasoned wood.  Kiln dried actually saves you money in the long run because you only need to clean your chimney every 5 years if you burn exclusively kiln dried.  Further, you get the absolute BTU value of the tree because the wood is so dry. You actually get some heat out of the wood.

​Fact:  Kiln dried wood produces less smoke than green or seasoned wood.

Fact :  Certified Kiln Dried firewood yields insect and pathogen free firewood.  Kiln dried firewood eliminates the spread of pathogens and insects into uninfested areas.

Fact:  Certified Kiln Dried firewood eliminates the risk of introducing insects from firewood into the structure of your home.

Fact:  Certified Kiln Dried firewood is the most dry firewood available.  You cannot "air dry" or "season" firewood anywere close to what a kiln provides. 

Fact:  Certified Kiln Dried requirements are 140 degrees for 40 consecutive minutes.  My personal standard is much more stringent that these numbers.  I will stop there to avoid giving away proprietary information. 

I have been informed by several customers that there are others in the area trying to "market" their firewood as kiln dried. For years, I have avoided participating in the, what I call, "firewood wars."  Every winter, "firewood operators" trying to sell wood, get online and bash each other and give dissertations about what a cord of wood is, etc.  I really only have time to manage myself and provide the best product and customer service. However, this year it has reached a new low. 

As flattered as I am that operators seem to be trying to grab hold of my boot laces and offer kiln dried wood, I assure you all that Lumber Jill Firewood is the only company with certified kiln dried wood who delivers to homes in the area. To this end, each customer will receive upon request: a certificate of authenticity of sorts with each delivered load. This paperwork will be a copy of the actual report generated by the kiln that would be presented to the State of North Carolina Plant Industry Inspector, if my kiln were to be inspected. 

As I said, I have avoided the rants of the firewood wars. My product speaks for itself so I needn't say more. Now, back to the facts. Thanks!

I hope this information has been informative and I will now get back to what I do, keeping Western North Carolina area families warm. 

Warmest Regards,
Lumber Jill

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