USDA CERTIFIED and Certified by the N.C Plant Pest Control Compliance Agreement # 2777
We are not set up for customers to pick up products at the kiln.
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Sunday is always reserved for our family time.

Lumber Jill Firewood, LLC

About Lumber Jill

One Sunday afternoon, a neighbor asked Jill if she knew anyone who could clean up some underbrush, cut a few trees and split them up for firewood.  Jill took this job, with a borrowed chainsaw and an axe. That first job turned into another, and another and Lumber Jill Firewood was born.     

One neighbor recommended Lumber Jill to another neighbor and an odd job or two turned into a thriving firewood business. All of the wood that Lumber Jill takes to families has been ethically harvested.  We collaborate with land owners and loggers after logging operations are complete.  In these operations generally the tops of the trees are pushed over the logging roads and left to rot.  Lumber Jill has a crew and equipment that go into these areas and recycle these wood resources instead of unnecessarily cutting more trees.  Yes, it is harder to come by wood this way. But, if not us to set the example of how a firewood operation can coexist with the environment, then whom?



 Lumber Jill has an AAS in Fish and Wildlife management and a BS in Natural Resource Management.  This education and professional experience provides the background for the highest quality kiln dried firewood in the western North Carolina area.
Peggy The Magnificient is a Master at Yard Protection and BS Detection. 
Mrs Lumber Jill's Son

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