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Lumber Jill Firewood

"I season my steak, I kiln dry my firewood."


We are delivering firewood to families as fast as we can and are asking that during this weather emergency, please text Lumber Jill at 828-545-7062 instead of calling.  Because of high demand, we are operating on first come first serve bases.
We will get you on the list!

Be advised we can only offer 1/3 of a cord of seasoned firewood per family ($150) or 1/3 of a cord of kiln dried short pieces ($200). We cannot accommodate requests for special cuts right now.  For those families that are already scheduled, we will still be there on time with your order! 

Thank you for your patience. Please be warm and safe through this wintery weather! 

Welcome to Lumber Jill Firewood! Family owned and operated since 2005.
We specialize in the professional and ethical harvest of firewood and bring warmth to hearths in Asheville and surrounding areas.

Our USDA Certified kiln dried 0.75, and 0.50 cu ft bundles meet and exceed the new Great Smoky Mountains National Park Firewood Regulations, meet and exceed the USDA APHIS standard, and are certified to be shipped to all 50 states including Florida.

Keep in mind, others can advertise their products as certified, but that does not mean it is dry. Our products are certified AND dry, with moisture contents of approximately 12%.  Others that meet the USDA Standard struggle to maintain 25% moisture content.  Our drying standards exceed the highest in the nation.

Lumber Jill wraps each bundle with the family at the campsite in mind. " My goal is to make Mom and Dad the hero's of the trip because the fire was easy and fast to start and a pleasure to keep burning."


New to Lumber Jill Firewood!   Specialty cooking and smoking wood! Hickory and Cherry bundles available in 0.75 cubic foot bundles.

We at Lumber Jill Firewood hold our customers in the highest regard.  Families rely on us as their supplier for heatWe are no longer able to stack your firewood so that we may reach as many families as possible. All loads of firewood will be tossed from our pickups or dumped from the dumptruck.




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